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Your Love Is Music To My Ears “Sonic Adventures To Walk Around With”


01 Aphex Twin (UK)
02 H.N.A.S. (DE)
Kammerflimmer Kollektief (DE)
Einstuerzende Neubauten (DE)
03 Twine (US)
05 Julien Neto (FR)
Saul Williams (US)
Raeo (ES)
06 Set Fire to Flames (CA)
07 Radwan Satellite (SI)
Dirty Three (US)
08 Ground Zero (JP)
Sao Paulo Underground (BR)
09 Tim Hecker (CA)
10 AGF (DE)
11 The Third Eye Foundation (UK)
12 Rechenzentrum (DE)
Mike Kelley (US)
13 Einstuerzende Neubauten (DE)
14 Low (US)
Silva Method (US)


16 John MacDonald (UK)
17 Man (BE)
18 Kammerflimmer Kollektief (DE)
19 Niobe (DE)
20 Amon Tobin (BR)
21 Maja Ratkje (NO)
22 Popol Vuh (DE)
23 The Lappetites (DE)
24 Sonic Youth (US)
25 H.N.A.S. (DE)
26 Radian (AT)
27 Xela (UK)
28 People Like Us (UK)
29 Vibracathedral Orchestra (UK)
30 Saimkho Namtchylak (RU)
31 Calla (BE)
32 Charambalides (US)


15-minute podcast about this historical community arts organisation based in Edinburgh

Fiona Greig: Presenting
Manzano Linares: Production, direction

Jarred is a genius writer from the States, now living in London. Check him out at
Jarred McGinnis: Lyrics + Voice
Manzano Linares: Music + Production

Audio tour around the mythic Edinburgh train station, built in the 1950s as the biggest train station in Scotland, only to be demolished a few years later


Manzano Linares

Audio Production / Sound Design

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