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Recording engineer, production and mastering. EP to be released in 2012.

rochelle ann swanson


Studio recording of Inglenook EP
Music: James Greer, Rochelle Ann Swanson
Production: Manzano Linares
Black Heart Blue Club Records (2010)

A Day In Glenook podcast:
As podcasts, blogging and social networking reconfigure that most generic of human impulses: The Journal, this podcast upholds the musical tradition of: ‘A Day In The Life.’ In the Kantian sense this is the intrinsic basis for all experience; the routine, the banal, the idiosyncratic, the anti-cynical, the fun, the daft, the superfluous – ‘The Standard Model’ for a Day In The Life.

Created and compiled by Inglenook

Anna Christina Brünjes: Stylophone, beatbox
Manzano Linares: Electronics, production

Conquering Animal Sound are Anneke Kampman and James E. Scott. Check them out!

Recorded by Manzano Linares at Napier Studios, June 2009

The Discordian Trio are Jack Weir (guitar), Craig Macfadyen (bass) and Richard Kass (drums). Produced by Garry Boyle, Aug 2009. Released by Fabrikant Records, 2009.

‘Warwick Davis’ was featured in BBC Radio 3’s ‘Jazz on 3’ (Sep 2010)

Manzano Linares live DJ project: drum machine, turntables, radios, keyboard

Studio recording session with a rock band from Edinburgh

Trans-Atlantic collaboration with Fio16 (Peru)


Recorded live in Arequipa (Peru) as part of the Electrodomestica Festival, 26 May 07

Live performance by Fiorella16 (Jose Maria Malaga), Sicalipsis (Julio Caceres) and Manzano Linares (aka Pru Dente), playing a variety of devices: radio, contact mics, keyboard, effects, programmings, guitar and motorsito

A musical collaboration with Sarah Howard (harp, piano)

Based on a blend of electronic and acoustic sound sources, El Granuja (“the rogue”) is a project discontiniously carried out by two Abners inspired by the dark side of life. Recorded in difficult conditions between Madrid and Edinburgh, El Granuja tales the story of a unique man who, sickened of everything around, sets out on an unprecedented trip…

Manzano Linares

Audio Production / Sound Design

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